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   Aroma Ninja

I accompany you to discover the best version of yourself

Aroma Ninja

Are you looking for general well-being, physical and psychological balance? 

You're in the right place !

Imagine that you have a ninja inside of you: a physically and psychologically strong and fulfilled person, but one that you have lost sight of in your daily life. Right now, your ninja is buried under tons of obligations, locked in a prison called "bad habits.


You must free your ninja!

Passionate about martial arts and alternative medicine, I chose to combine the two!

Ninja means: Nin: endurance, secrecy and invisibility and Ja: the one who practices.


The ninja is the one who uses his techniques.


Plants and mushrooms are the basis of our medicines. 


A single essential oil can contain more than 300 chemical compounds....

Aroma Ninja
Body harmony
Aroma Ninja
Natural health
Aroma Ninja
Customized listening
Aroma Ninja
Psychological balance


Aromatherapy international


Mycotherapy international

Sports coach

Sports coach international

Why this program?

Did you know that 75% of diseases are related to stress?

It's one of the triggers of a poor lifestyle:


"I'm stressed, that's why I smoke.  I'm stressed, I need sugar. I drink a little more in the evening, it relaxes me.

I can't do sports, I sleep badly and I feel tired".


It is at these times that you are not at 100% of your capacity and that you lack the will to restore your natural balance.  



Come and try the Aroma Ninja method!

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